“Another terrific outing for Parker Francis, who definitely delivers what readers want. He’s a powerhouse storyteller and a welcome addition to the thriller genre. Hang on tight and remember to breathe.”

~ Steve Berry, New York Times Bestselling author


“Parker Francis has nailed the small-town South, where wide smiles and words of welcome can hide dangerous secrets that go back to the fiery terror of Sherman’s March to the Sea.  Beneath the relics of burned plantations lie the memories of America’s first fires.  Private investigator Quint Mitchell just came to South Carolina to do his job, the routine retrieval of a faithless and thieving lover, but history is not on his side.  Archaeology and the belief that the world was created a few thousand years ago do not mesh, and true believers on both sides are preparing to clash on this old battleground.  Can Quint protect himself and the innocents around him who could be hurt?  And can he even tell the innocents from the schemers stoking the fire? Bring Down the Furies is a gripping read for fans of history, Southern fiction, and classic tales of detection.”

~ Mary Anna Evans, author of the Faye Longchamp Mysteries


“Quint Mitchell finds himself both a target and a hero when arson escalates to murder, and a domestic terrorist threatens the entire population of Allendale, South Carolina. As in the best of plots, nothing here is as it seems. Parker Francis is fun to read, and Bring Down the Furies is engrossing, unpredictable, and fast-paced. So grab yourself a drink, settle into your easy chair, open the book, and begin. You’re home for the evening. You won’t stop until it’s over.

~ John Dufresne, author of Requiem, Mass.


“I’m wild about Bring Down the Furies, the second Quint Mitchell Mystery. With a finely drawn Southern setting and a crackling good plot, author Parker Francis offers up a riveting page turner. I’ll be along for the ride on his next adventure.”

~ Deborah Sharp, author of the Mace Bauer Mysteries


Bring Down the Furies lives up to its title as Parker Francis delivers high octane excitement in his second Quint Mitchell Mystery. Furies plunges the reader, along with PI Mitchell, into a firestorm of troubles as he’s caught in the backdraft between a serial arsonist and a cultural war in a fast-paced and dangerous thrill ride.”

~ Glynn Marsh Alam, author of the North Florida Luanne Fogarty mystery series


“Parker Francis holds us hostage with his latest Quint Mitchell mystery. This mix of civil war history and suspense will keep you fully engaged and is jammed full or twists and turns that lend to the tension of the story. The writing flows and builds to a fever pitch as the story takes on a life of its own. PI Quint Mitchell takes on a new case to track down the “Heartthrob Bandit”, Ricardo DeAngelis who preys on wealthy older women and is wanted in five states. He finds himself in the town of Allendale, South Carolina where he becomes embroiled in a confrontation between a scientist and a minister over an archaeological dig that captures media attention and turns into a massive protest with both sides converging. While this is going on an arsonist is on the loose in the town and adds murder to his list of crimes when a woman dies in his latest fire.

The descriptive journey to the town of Allendale and its residents is written with bold strokes and attention to detail. You can see and feel the tension of the devastation and decline of this small town. The picturesque description of the Magnolia Inn a once stately home in the South and the resident owner Verla Covington lends to the feeling of Southern charm and hospitality while completely at odds with the reality the town is facing.

Quint Mitchell is a multi-dimensional character determined to help his client find justice no matter the personal cost. Throughout the story Quint comes becomes fully entangled in this small town and builds a relationship with Sheriff Peeks while assisting him with the dangers that threaten to bring down the town of Allendale. Sheriff Peeks is an ever present and invested character in this story as he fights to gain control of his town and restore a sense of calm and peace for the residents. He is a gruff and imposing character whose emotions are well below the surface as he struggles to gain control.

The supporting cast of characters is intriguing, engaging, well defined and adds to the intricate background and suspense conveyed in the story.

Bring Down The Furies is a spellbinding read with a realistic mixture of history, controversial archaeological findings and small town suspense that will keep you enthralled until the last page is read.

~Marilou George – The Kindle Book Review