About Parker Francis

Parker FrancisTo all of us there is a talent. Mine certainly wasn’t sports. I can’t draw a stick figure or carry a tune, but writing came easy to me. Perhaps because of that my career was in telecommunications, broadcasting and writing. I also had a stint as the producer of a renowned jazz festival. Not bad for someone who only mastered one musical instrument — the car radio.

And though I’m now writing gritty mysteries where violence and death is as common as those pesky gnats we have down here in the South, I’m not one of those authors who claim to have lifted their plots from personal life experiences. But I do have an eye for the darker aspects of life (along with the more absurd), which we’re reminded of on a daily basis from our news media. While some authors tell beginning writers to write what they know, I always believed in writing what you love to read. Having read hundreds, if not thousands of mysteries and thrillers, along with a fair share of horror and science fiction, that’s where my writing has taken me.

I must admit to living a double life, however. Before I disappeared into my Bat Cave and emerged as Parker Francis, I wrote three adventure/fantasy novels using my authentic handle, Victor DiGenti. Those three books comprise the WINDRUSHER trilogy, a series of award-winning fantasies for readers from YA to adult featuring a feline protagonist. That’s right, a cat. You can read more about Windrusher and his adventures here.


Now, as you may have read on the home page, I’m having fun imagining ways to murder people. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. I promise to use these dark talents only for the good of my plots and my characters.

Today, I live in NE Florida with my loving wife who hasn’t quite made up her mind about this Parker Francis guy who’s moved into her life, and with a herd of cats that don’t care a whisker who I am as long as they get fed on a regular basis. One of our cats, Duke, is my harshest critic. When he tires of being ignored, he shows me I’m not the only one who knows his way around a keyboard. You know, some of what he’s written isn’t half bad.