Parker is hearing “Ghostly Whispers”

If you’ve been wondering what old Parker has been up to, you’ll be happy to hear I’ve added a new book to the Kindle shelf. While it’s not another Quint Mitchell Mystery (more about that later), it is a collection of short stories titled GHOSTLY WHISPERS, SECRET VOICES.  The collection is subtitled, “Six GhostlyWhispers_cvr_smalldark and surprising tales featuring the novella, Ghostly Whispers.”
Here’s a peek at the cover art created by my talented son, Greg, who also created outstanding title illustrations for each of the six stories. The collection contains the award-winning short stories, Saving Sam and Texting April.
Saving Sam is a tale about an elderly woman and her invalid husband on the eve of the eviction from their longtime home.  And Texting April finds a perplexed young Nick receiving bizarre text messages from a girl asking him to help find the person who killed her. 
Along with those two stories, there’s also My Brother, My Burden, Wimmer’s Luck and Promises to Keep. I wrap up the collection with Ghostly 
Whispers, a novella of nearly 100 pages about poor “Mad Max” Gribbins.


Max, the former lead guitarist with super band, The Kingslayers, was forced into an early retirement because of a severe case of tinnitus. Now trapped in a loveless marriage, Max is desperate to rid himself of the nonstop trumpeting in his head until the noise morphs into something much more — news broadcasts from the future.

If you’re into suspenseful tales with a macabre twist, then you’ll enjoy GHOSTLY WHISPERS, SECRET VOICES. Download the book for your Kindle or Kindle app by clicking here. Here’s a look at the title illustration Greg created for Ghostly Whispers.