Parker Francis, author of the Quint Mitchell mystery series

Welcome to the online home of writer Parker Francis. Parker—that’s me—is the author of the award-winning Quint Mitchell Mystery series which includes MATANZAS BAY, BRING DOWN THE FURIES, and HURRICANE ISLAND. I’ve also penned the short story collection GHOSTLY WHISPERS, SECRET VOICES, and the novella BLUE CRABS AT MIDNIGHT. My short story, The Strange Case of Lord Byron’s Lover was originally part of the anthology, THE PROMETHEUS SAGA, and is now included in the GHOSTLY WHISPERS collection.

THE PROMETHEUS SAGA was written and published by a group of talented writers working together as part of the Alvarium Experiment. They’ve contributed to six themed speculative fiction short story collections. The latest in the series, THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, unites nine authors charged with bringing laughter, giggles, guffaws, and amusement to the masses amidst speculative twists and turns.

My contribution to THE LIGHT FANTASTIC is a broad comic retelling of Raymond Chandler’s classic hard-boiled Philip Marlowe caper, Farewell, My Lovely. My tale is set in the future and brings together a beautiful multiverse criminal, a heartbroken pizza baron, and a dog named Pepperoni. All in a day’s work in the life of Slip-Sliding government agent Marlon Phillips.

Check out THE LIGHT FANTASTIC  on my book page and on Amazon.

Hurricane Island

Cover of "Hurricane Island," a Quint Mitchell Mystery by Parker Francis

“Hurricane Island will blow you away.”
– Michael Wiley, Shamus Award-winning author of Blue Avenue

A reunion with an old friend turns deadly, and Quint Mitchell is plunged into a high-stakes game of murder and kidnapping. Quint faces his most dangerous and baffling case yet, and this one is personal since read more…

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